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After the end of civilization people would travel alone or in small numbers, gathering around a fire with kin and sometimes strangers to share a tale and survive the night. Some are there to learn and think, others to smash and grab. There are a million dusty stories in the naked Wastelands, these are a few of them.

Each issue is a self contained story but if you're looking closely you can spot where they are loosely connected to each other, sort of. All artwork is photographs rendered in virtual reality.


Put Your Stinger Down, Little Bee.

Poor Sam Wyx, what has become of her? Marooned and wounded in a sand sea, she just wants to be left alone. And she was, until Irk the mutant stopped in and decided he wouldn't leave... And that's when the sand really starts to fly. But out in the badlands this is just the way of things.


Dead Pretty

This is a tale of life, death, and fashion told by a ghoul sitting in a bog. What sick twist of fate made him this way? What is that horrible smell? Who does his hair? What is it like to be dead? According to Gavin, the latter is just like being alive, only worse.

The Ballad of Irk

An exiled mutant roams the sands cursing the buzzard that stole his eyeball. His suffering has given voice to a woeful ballad and his spirit totems carry him on wings of poetry. But a chance meeting in the night may produce the grimmest stanzas of all.

I Lived With A Ratman!

They say that after the end of the world the animals got a lot smarter. Some won’t believe it, and some might start fights about it, but this is the story of how man and rat can exist peacefully together in a world that is conflicted about their special bond.

A Bigger Fish

A young thief named Bec is so good she could steal the shine off gold, but she still studies at the feet of an older and wiser con man named Mavis. As these scoundrels plot against a lone wandering trader, just who is playing who…?


Dangerous Elements

What started in A Bigger Fish is continued in Dangerous Elements, a tale of thievery, slavery, and imaginary friends. The world is a barren wasteland but still a bountiful harvest can be reaped at the point of a gun. Just watch your back and don't give out your real name.