Wee Westerns

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The Wee Westerns tell the sorrowful tale of an outlaw called The Stranger and his bad luck companion, Obadiah Dirt. What started out as a simple revenge scheme to overturn the ruling of a planning committee who looks unkindly on vestibules soon spiraled out of control and eventually involved a jail break, a love story, and pirates.

When I decided to make a western with toys and a cardboard town I didn't know that I would end up making six more that same year. That was 2007, the year of the westerns, when my whole life seemed sepia toned and I actually walked around the house with cap guns in holsters.

I also made a short film out of the first western and won Best Animated Short Film in a local film festival.
Purdy dang neat, huh?




We're just not sure what to do with this other toy thing we made for some reason, so we'll put it here.
We hope you like it. ComiXology didn't. My mom didn't care for it, either.

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