Welcome to Wyx Press Worldwide

Who are we? We've asked ourselves that from time to time. Wyx Press Worldwide is a tiny independent creator of original comics and graphic stuff, working sometimes with toys but mostly in virtual reality.

Currently our Wee Westerns series and our newest release Toys in Space DT6 are available at comiXology. Our inaugural series The Rotling and our bastard child series Woe are both available in print and digital editions. Drop us a note and we'll talk.

At Wyx Press we like to think that what we do is original, innovative and decidedly abnormal. We hope that you'll have a look around and decide for yourself. Thank you for finding samwyx.com!


The Rotling and Woe were photographed entirely on virtual location in The Wastelands which is a part of Second Life®. Consent to use these locations specifically and only for these projects has been graciously extended by the creator of The Rot, Angharad Greggan, and by the owner and game administrator of The Wastelands, NeoBokrug Elytis. The characters of Sam Wyx, Grammy, Floppy, Mavis, Marko, Irk, Bec, Itch, and Gnawbert, and others to follow, and the content of their stories, are the exclusive property of Wyx Press Worldwide copyright 2013 unless otherwise noted. Wee Westerns were photographed using actual light, authentic analog toys, and custom cardboard buildings. No part of this web site may be reproduced without the explicit consent of the creator or his gang of terrible enforcers. This web site was created with organic free-range electrons. No animals were harmed in the making of these comic books, we are proud of our 100% Cruelty Free rating. This tiny writing does not constitute an offer to buy or sell anything, but if you do buy something your generosity will feed five starving comic book makers for a month.
The more you read here the less sense it all makes. Stop looking at this you're going to hurt your eyes.
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