The month of June always brings the Wastelands Buzzard Hunt! Each of these foul creatures deserves to die so it's like you're doing a public service.

Thanks to Neo, this year we have a niffty Kill Counter, so no need to photo and send your glorious buzzard deaths, your kills will be tallied by science and math!

The rules are easy: kill the most buzzards, win L$ and bragging rights!

The hunt is on from 12 am June 1st through 12 pm June 30th.

The top three hunters will receive an authentic Mutant Hunter's Talisman, a heaping pile of raw, dripping glory, and:

Most Deadly Hunter  L$2000

2nd Place  L$500

3rd Place  L$250

There will be no points awarded for murdering other hunters. But that doesn't mean you can't do it.

Good luck, have fun, kill with impunity!